Developments with the Internet Domain Names
By Melissa Begg
July 6, 2009

Did you know that Australian domain names are administered by the Board of auDA? This is a relatively unknown organisation that wields significant power in the internet marketplace, particularly in respect of the internet presence of Australian business and other internet users. auDA is a not-for-profit organisation that is the independent governing body and manager of the Australian internet domain name space (.au) and the policy body governing domain names in Australia. Internationally, the internet naming system is coordinated by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). ICANN is currently working towards the introduction of internationalised domain names (IDNs). Currently every country can only be represented on the internet by the use of two characters, such as .au for Australia or .ca for Canada. IDNs will allow countries that use different writing scripts for their language (such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Hindi) to use those scripts for internet domain names.  Another major move forward is the introduction of Internet Protocol version 6 to replace Internet Protocol version 4 which is fast running out of digits to cater for the explosion of internet connections around the world. The move to IPv6 will enable a massive explosion in the uses to which the internet can be put by businesses of all types and sizes. The benefits of the internet for small business will be astounding and it is important that we all stay abreast of the momentous developments that are happening at a global level.


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